Client: Universidad Católica del Maule
Art Direction: Paula Barahona
Design: Enric Adell @ Estudio Vicencio

identity posters
The Centro de Extensión UCM is a center by the University of Talca, Chile, that organizes and hosts activities that promote the access of the citizens of the VII Region to all the cultural and artistic expressions.

The idea behind the logo is to reduce the name of the center to an interesting acronym and combine it with the typographical square brackets to create a square, bold symbol that becomes recognizable.

The square brackets are then used as a flexible, constant element that can adapt to contain any number of concepts (words, sentences, icons, images) related to the activities and services that the centre offers.

Instead of choosing a reduced number of “corporate” colors, we chose to use color freely, for each piece prioritizing a bright, playful palette, thus letting the bracket symbols and the typography carry the sense of identity.