Client: VOLATA Magazine
Direction: Olga Ábalos
Printer: Agpograf SA

editorial magazines
VOLATA Magazine was born six years ago as a platform to write and think about the sport of cycling and the culture around it in an in-depth and modern fashion. The use of a curated, sensitive graphic design, photography and illustrations was key to elevate the product and make it a refferent for the modern day cycling aficionado.

The briefing was to create a clean, functional layout to accomodate the main text and invite the reader to a  comfortable experience while at the same time adding some color and excitment in the section obertures and special pages. 

Since number 15 I adopted the role of Art Director too, commissioning very interesting illustrators for the cover images such as Guillem Bosch, Lola Beltran and Eliza Southwood